By Design Symposium 2016

Marc Rosen will be hosting and moderating the Design Is The New Currency at the Whitney Museum on Wednesday, November 2 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.

Pratt Institute Celebrates Marc Rosen Scholarship

Defining Premium by Marc Rosen

Click on the link below to read the column by Marc Rosen featured in Beauty Packaging.

Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2016

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Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2016

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Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2016

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Celebrating The Publication of RUBBING SHOULDERS

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Beauty Fashion Catches Up With Marc Rosen at Luxe Pack Monaco




Please join us in welcoming Marc Rosen Associates new Creative Director Felipe Sena.

Felipe Press Release



Marc Rosen Pratt Trustee Profile


Luxe Pack Monaco 2015 Coming Up





Luxe Pack Intro Website

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Pratt Art of Packaging Gala

More exciting coverage of the Pratt Art of Packaging Gala which this year also celebrated the establishment of the Marc Rosen Scholarship for Packaging Design.  Click below to read the story.

Pratt Kravis Center Competition

West Palm Beach’s Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts teamed with Pratt Institute for a competition to design a sculpture honoring Kravis donors.  Please click the link below to read more.

Top Beauty & Fragrance Executives Explain ‘Luxury’ And How A Brand Delivers It.

Marc Rosen, President and CEO of Marc Rosen Associates was joined by a few of the beauty industry’s top executives for his seminar “Uber Masstigue–The Elevation of Aspirational Branding” at the LuxePack New York 2015 Show.

Click on the link below to read the the story in the August 2015 issue of Beauty Packaging Magazine



MAC’S James Gager and Others Talk About Luxury.

Marc Rosen, MAC’s James Gager, Estee Lauder’s Veronique Gabai-Pinsky and more discuss luxury in packaging design.  Click on the link below to read the story.

Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2015

26th Art of Packaging Award Gala Breaks Records!

A sellout crowd helps raise $400,000 for packaging scholarships.

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Luxe Pack New York 2015

Marc Rosen and Jamie Matusow, Editor-In-Chief, Beauty Packaging, visit with exhibitors at the Luxe Pack NY 2015 Show.  

Click on the links below to see Marc and Jamie speaking with Richard Engel, Jr., Decotech; Maurizio Guseo, Zignago Glass USA; Kelly Gardi, New High Glass; Jing Santos, Compax; Mark Sng, Neenah Paper Inc.; Jim Farley, World Wide Packaging; David Greco, HCT Packaging, Inc.; and Bruno Diepois, Coverpla.  

Marc Rosen speaking with Richard Engel Jr., Decotech.—stop-one-decotech/

Marc Rosen speaking with Maurizio Guseo, Zignago Glass USA.—stop-two-zignago/

Marc Rosen speaking with Kelly Gardi, New High Glass—stop-three-new-high-glass/

Marc Rosen speaking with Jing Santos, Compax.—stop-four-compax/

Marc Rosen speaking with Mark Sng, Neenah Paper Inc.—stop-five-neenah/

Marc Rosen speaking with Jim Farley, World Wide Packaging.—stop-six-world-wide-packaging/

Marc Rosen speaking with David Greco, HCT Packaging, Inc.—stop-seven-hct-group/

Marc Rosen speaking with Bruno Diepois, Coverpla.—stop-eight-coverpla/


Luxe Pack New York 2015

HEAR FROM INDUSTRY LEADING EXPERTS AT OUR CONFERENCES AND PANEL DISCUSSIONS ! Marc Rosen Associates, Benson Marketing Group, L’Oréal, M.A.C, Estée Lauder, Godiva, etc. are among the 2015 speakers, who will present on emerging trends and industry advancements. William McDonough, Chief Executive William McDonough Innovation and Co-Author, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, will be the LUXE PACK NEW YORK Guest of Honor. He will provide valuable insight and industry knowledge during our special afternoon dedicated to eco-design and sustainability on May 13. LUXE PACK NEW YORK 2015 PROMISES AN EXCEPTIONAL PROGRAM… BE PART OF IT!


Created and moderated by Marc ROSEN, President, Marc Rosen Associates

James GAGER, Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director at M•A•C Cosmetics and Jo Malone Worldwide

VERONIQUE GABAI-PINSKY, Senior Advisor Estée Lauder Companies, Strategic Advisor, Creative Director, Veronique Gabai Inc

Jim BERKROT, Senior Sales Executive, Bently Laboratories, LLC.

Theo SPILKA, Global Vice President, Strategic Licensing and Business Development, Firmenich

In today’s retail marketplace at any level of distribution, the consumer expects ‘Premium’ at any price. Premium in concept, product and packaging. This democratization of premium has created a challenge for Marketers, Designers and Manufacturers to build the DNA of luxury into each new product. The panel of experts will deal with this new consumer, their aspirations and expectations, and will highlight Packaging as the vehicle to take them there.

Q & A with Renowned Packaging Designer Marc Rosen


CW/BF: What was your impression of this year’s Luxe Pack Show in Monaco?

In the 25 years I have been attending this show, I thought this year was the best! As the leading luxury packaging show in the world, the focus at Luxe Pack is clearly on luxury and packaging. In the past, however, exhibitors seemed reticent to share their new technology and packaging ideas. This year was different. Suppliers were enthusiastic, rather than protective, and it was inspiring.

The idea of luxury packaging is all about the quest for new sensations and inventing totally new experiences. This idea was resonant throughout the show with exhibitors showcasing new materials and technological advances that transform luxury packaging into a unique experience beyond just viewing a box on a shelf.

CW/BF: What exhibitors caught your eye in particular, and why?

Bulgari’s new collection of high-end eaux de parfums is called Le Gemme or Italian for “the gems”

The LVMH owned Italian jewelry brand started working on Le Gemme three years ago with the idea of concentrating on the historic symbolism of gemstones. Created by Givaudan’s Daniela Andrier, each fragrance is based on the color of a gemstone with the idea is that there is an association between color and scent. For instance, amethyst, which is purple, includes notes of lavender, iris, violet and heliotrope.

The collection is made up of six gemstone colors of which the end result is a bottle made up of sixteen different interlocking parts. The plastic pieces and close are made by Qualipac and the bottle is made by Heinz.

The six fragrances can be purchased individually or as a set with bottle sizes ranging from 30 ml to 350 ml. Pricing for a 100-ml bottle is approximately $350.00.

The concept and the packaging underscores the brand which is all about jewel color.

This captivating perfume from Cartier reflects a liberated, passionate woman. It is a feline floral fragrance born out of radiant, delicate gardenia coming together with velvety notes of musk.

It’s modern, yet elegant bottle employs Pouchet’s new interior pressed glass technique.

Here is an example of suppliers creating new technology —which is the new luxury.


This creative paper company collaborated with a Dutch agency called Strangelove to unveil a solution called LoyaltyGrid that lets luxury brands use NFC tags embedded in product packaging to guarantee the authenticity of their products. Brands can also deliver rewards, discounts, exclusive content, invitations to special events and other incentives directly to their customers.The company is working with PowerCoat, a subsidiary of Arjowiggins, that specializes in substrates for printed electronics. The NFC chip is very flexible and it can be applied on different packaging and any kind of paper. Any smartphone with NFC reading capability can, by just tapping or scanning the NFC chips, get direct access to the content even without an app. LoyaltyGrid recognizes the pack through its unique ID and then it remembers the location of the pack itself and then asks the customer to rescan the pack once it is purchased. This way, they can tell where the pack was purchased and can unlock rewards based on the parameters the brand has predefined. LoyaltyGrid can also verify an item and instantly tell if it’s authentic or not. Brands can also get information about where products are purchased, by whom and how often, and can connect to customers directly, trace their own products and make sure their products are sold in the right environment.

SGD Glass exhibited tactile and sexy looking products, which give a subliminal sense of luxury.

As a designer, there is a moment when you have to turn your design over to the packaging company and pray…Will they select the right partners to see your design through to its fruition? I believe its important for me, as a designer, to recommend the suppliers I believe can best achieve my design concept. Speaking the designers’ language is important.

Suppliers must show passion in creating exciting new things, even if its challenging. Sales have been flat because so many flankers have been produced with no new packaging designs. Consumers want something that is more interesting and innovative. Suppliers must work with the designer to give the consumer what they desire.

We are seeing a desire for luxury in every level of distribution. Packaging creates this impression immediately; the Luxe Pack Monaco Show this year featured innovative ideas for designers and marketers to raise the bar for luxury.

Beauty Packaging Magazine – Panel Experts

Discuss eCommerce at Luxepack New York

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How I Got to the Top : Marc Rosen, fragrance packaging designer

by Simon Pittman, Cosmetic Design

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Moderated by Marc Rosen

Marc Rosen


Designing the Payoff into the Packaging

With online sales accounting for such a large percentage of beauty dollars, Marketers are more reliant on impactful packaging than ever. It must be more than a silent salesman to stimulate consumers into purchasing. “Packaging the Promise” is essential to excite and invite clients into the brand.

According to, 85% of personal care brands have a presence on Facebook, 59% Twitter and 48% on YouTube as of September, 2013. These figures are merely reflective of the three most popular social media outlets, and don’t include the most obvious place a customer would find brand or product information – namely its own website or homepage.

These are incredible statistics, particularly when you think of how different the beauty market was only 10 years ago. What this means is that not only do Marketers need to think differently about how to attract attention, but so do Designers.

Color, shape, graphics and how they can potentially create excitement online – these are but a few levers designers can pull to drive impact with customers, but we must approach our creative problem solving with a broader eye than years previous. It’s not just about how something looks on shelf, any more.

Be it fragrance, make-up or skincare, the promise of; performance, efficacy, fantasy or aspiration must be implicit with the initial reaction to the packaging. Beautiful and impactful packaging will always be paramount but today online consumers must depend on their visceral reaction and subliminal feelings to hit purchase on the screen.

Designers must create exciting packaging and visual touchstones that will make the consumer who is ‘just shopping’ browse no more, for they have found the fragrance bottle that speaks to them. For the consumer sure that they are going online for a repeat purchase, a package the reels them in and create a reason to purchase is a marketers dream.

Melissa Montfort, Marc Rosen, Jeanette Liang, Mary Manning, Karen Young

Rosen Helms “That’s Entertainment” Panel

One the show’s first day, packaging industry veteran Marc Rosen………

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Rosen Helms Thats Entertainment Panel

Luxe Pack Monaco 2013 – Marc Rosen will give his Design Insight, Grimaldi Forum


Marc Rosen is famous for his award winning fragrance, cosmetic and fashion packaging…..

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Luxe Pack New York

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2:00 PM: That’s Entertainment

Moderated and created by Marc Rosen, president, Marc Rosen Associates, this panel includes Karen Grant, vice president and global beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group—and a member of Beauty Packaging’s Board of Advisors; Lorrie King, senior global marketing director, Coty Beauty; Gail Boye, president, Ideation by Gail Boye; and Noreen Dodge, global marketing & creative development consultant, Elizabeth Arden

Creating packaging that entertains and amuses seems to be a strong direction in new fragrance packaging—from Nicki Minaj’s pink wigged bottle to Lady Gaga’s black and gold Fame flacon. The panel will deal with the marketing, retailing, packaging and future trending of this new reality.

Women’s Wear Daily – Curb Appeal Discussed at Luxe Pack, Monaco

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WWD-LPM 12-17-2012

Redefining the Message

Creating Products / Packaging that are “Eye Catching for Impulse Purchasing Online”

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Luxe Pack Monaco Announces Marc Rosen Seminar Panelist


The Premier Show for Creative Packaging, October 24-26, 2012, offers a comprehensive schedule of seminars and conferences.

On Thursday, October 25 at 2:30pm, Marc Rosen, Designer/President of Marc Rosen Associates will moderate “Curb Appeal: Creating Products/Packaging that are Eye Catching for Impulse Purchasing, Online.” The panel he created will feature Dominic Burke, Creative Director, Webb DeVlam; Barbara LePortz, CEO, Fragrance Intelligence; Paul McLaughlin, Vice President of Creative, Elizabeth Arden; and Joanna Norman, Founding Director, Pandora Ltd.

Marc Rosen speaks about his book “Glamour Icons” in Palm Beach, Florida

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Product, Packaging, Promotion and Passion –

The 4 “P’s”

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Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Spring Programs

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the perfume BOTTLE inspiration in glass

Nordstrom Fragrance Celebration

Meet Marc Rosen, Perfume Bottle Design Expert

Marc Rosen, Package Designer and Professor at Pratt Institute, has been renowned in the realm of perfume bottle design for the past 18 years.

Passionate about the future of of the art, he will reveal the integral parts that make fragrance a memory and he inspiration behind various bottles.

As a perfume bottle designer, he has garnered six FiFi awards, as well as created classic bottles for the likes of Chloe, KL, 360, Red Door, and the Nina Ricci 50th Anniversary Lalique bottle.

Inspiration in Glass 1-1

Inpsiration in Glass 2-2

Marc’s internationally regarded Perfume Bottle Design Class at Pratt Institute is featured on the facing page. Marc will join us at the following stores:

September 14: Glendale Galleria
September 15: Topanga Plaza
September 21: Menlo Park
September 22: The Westchester
October 5: Downtown Portland
October 6: Bellevue Square