Marc Rosen to be Keynote Speaker at “Packaging That Sells” 2017 Conference in Chicago

Marc Rosen will be the opening Keynote speaker for the 15th Packaging That Sells Conference.  The event runs October 23rd-25th.  Registration is now open with a special discount before June 16th.

Official Event Page

Packaging That Sells – Marc Rosen’s Bio

Press for Lucia Magnani Launch

Beauty Packaging article on Harvey Nichols Launch

Beauty Packaging article on Launch Party

Beauty Packaging article on Marc Rosen’s Magnani Design

New York Social Diary’s article on the Embassy Party

March 20th, 2017 – London

Harvey Nichols

Lucia Magnani Skin Care Launch

By Design Symposium 2016

Marc Rosen will be hosting and moderating the Design Is The New Currency at the Whitney Museum on Wednesday, November 2 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.

Pratt Institute Celebrates Marc Rosen Scholarship

Defining Premium by Marc Rosen

Click on the link below to read the column by Marc Rosen featured in Beauty Packaging.

Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2016

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Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2016

Please click on the link below from Cosmetic Design.

Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2016

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Celebrating The Publication of RUBBING SHOULDERS

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Marc Rosen has written a new book called “Rubbing Shoulders:  My Life with Popes, Princes, Moguls and Movie Stars” Here are some of the highlights of the book signing events in Palm Beach.

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Beauty Fashion Catches Up With Marc Rosen at Luxe Pack Monaco




Please join us in welcoming Marc Rosen Associates new Creative Director Felipe Sena.

Felipe Press Release



Marc Rosen Pratt Trustee Profile


Luxe Pack Monaco 2015 Coming Up





Luxe Pack Intro Website

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Pratt Art of Packaging Gala

More exciting coverage of the Pratt Art of Packaging Gala which this year also celebrated the establishment of the Marc Rosen Scholarship for Packaging Design.  Click below to read the story.

Pratt Kravis Center Competition

West Palm Beach’s Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts teamed with Pratt Institute for a competition to design a sculpture honoring Kravis donors.  Please click the link below to read more.

Top Beauty & Fragrance Executives Explain ‘Luxury’ And How A Brand Delivers It.

Marc Rosen, President and CEO of Marc Rosen Associates was joined by a few of the beauty industry’s top executives for his seminar “Uber Masstigue–The Elevation of Aspirational Branding” at the LuxePack New York 2015 Show.

Click on the link below to read the the story in the August 2015 issue of Beauty Packaging Magazine



MAC’S James Gager and Others Talk About Luxury.

Marc Rosen, MAC’s James Gager, Estee Lauder’s Veronique Gabai-Pinsky and more discuss luxury in packaging design.  Click on the link below to read the story.

Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2015

26th Art of Packaging Award Gala Breaks Records!

A sellout crowd helps raise $400,000 for packaging scholarships.

Beauty Packagin J and A 2015-1Beauty Packagin J and A 2015-2Beauty Packagin J and A 2015-3


Pratt Art of Packaging Award Gala 2015

As seen in the new Weekly Section of WWD.

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Inspire Magazine. The Giving Newsletter of Pratt Institute. Summer 2015 Edition

Marc Rosen shapes the future of package design.  Marc, the famed designer, creates a scholarship to promote excellence in design.





Pratt Art of Packaging Award Gala 2015




New York Social Diary coverage of the Pratt Art of Packaging Award Gala.  The evening benefited the Marc Rosen Scholarship and Education Fund for Packaging by Design at Pratt Institute.

Pratt Institute Art of Packaging Award Gala 2015




The evening benefited the Marc Rosen Scholarship and Education Fund for Packaging by Design at Pratt Institute.

James Gager, Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director of MAC COSMETICS and JO MALONE WORLDWIDE was honored.

Click on the above link to see Bill Cunningham’s Evening Hour Feature in the New York Times Fashion and Style Section.




Luxe Pack New York 2015

HEAR FROM INDUSTRY LEADING EXPERTS AT OUR CONFERENCES AND PANEL DISCUSSIONS ! Marc Rosen Associates, Benson Marketing Group, L’Oréal, M.A.C, Estée Lauder, Godiva, etc. are among the 2015 speakers, who will present on emerging trends and industry advancements. William McDonough, Chief Executive William McDonough Innovation and Co-Author, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, will be the LUXE PACK NEW YORK Guest of Honor. He will provide valuable insight and industry knowledge during our special afternoon dedicated to eco-design and sustainability on May 13. LUXE PACK NEW YORK 2015 PROMISES AN EXCEPTIONAL PROGRAM… BE PART OF IT!


Created and moderated by Marc ROSEN, President, Marc Rosen Associates

James GAGER, Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director at M•A•C Cosmetics and Jo Malone Worldwide

VERONIQUE GABAI-PINSKY, Senior Advisor Estée Lauder Companies, Strategic Advisor, Creative Director, Veronique Gabai Inc

Jim BERKROT, Senior Sales Executive, Bently Laboratories, LLC.

Theo SPILKA, Global Vice President, Strategic Licensing and Business Development, Firmenich

In today’s retail marketplace at any level of distribution, the consumer expects ‘Premium’ at any price. Premium in concept, product and packaging. This democratization of premium has created a challenge for Marketers, Designers and Manufacturers to build the DNA of luxury into each new product. The panel of experts will deal with this new consumer, their aspirations and expectations, and will highlight Packaging as the vehicle to take them there.

ID Magazine Interviews Marc Rosen

Click Below to Read the Interview r-of-packaging


Beauty Packaging Magazine’s Jamie Matusow and Marc Rosen at Luxe Pack Monaco

Examples uncovered in a walk around the show floor

Q & A with Renowned Packaging Designer Marc Rosen


CW/BF: What was your impression of this year’s Luxe Pack Show in Monaco?

In the 25 years I have been attending this show, I thought this year was the best! As the leading luxury packaging show in the world, the focus at Luxe Pack is clearly on luxury and packaging. In the past, however, exhibitors seemed reticent to share their new technology and packaging ideas. This year was different. Suppliers were enthusiastic, rather than protective, and it was inspiring.

The idea of luxury packaging is all about the quest for new sensations and inventing totally new experiences. This idea was resonant throughout the show with exhibitors showcasing new materials and technological advances that transform luxury packaging into a unique experience beyond just viewing a box on a shelf.

CW/BF: What exhibitors caught your eye in particular, and why?

Bulgari’s new collection of high-end eaux de parfums is called Le Gemme or Italian for “the gems”

The LVMH owned Italian jewelry brand started working on Le Gemme three years ago with the idea of concentrating on the historic symbolism of gemstones. Created by Givaudan’s Daniela Andrier, each fragrance is based on the color of a gemstone with the idea is that there is an association between color and scent. For instance, amethyst, which is purple, includes notes of lavender, iris, violet and heliotrope.

The collection is made up of six gemstone colors of which the end result is a bottle made up of sixteen different interlocking parts. The plastic pieces and close are made by Qualipac and the bottle is made by Heinz.

The six fragrances can be purchased individually or as a set with bottle sizes ranging from 30 ml to 350 ml. Pricing for a 100-ml bottle is approximately $350.00.

The concept and the packaging underscores the brand which is all about jewel color.

This captivating perfume from Cartier reflects a liberated, passionate woman. It is a feline floral fragrance born out of radiant, delicate gardenia coming together with velvety notes of musk.

It’s modern, yet elegant bottle employs Pouchet’s new interior pressed glass technique.

Here is an example of suppliers creating new technology —which is the new luxury.


This creative paper company collaborated with a Dutch agency called Strangelove to unveil a solution called LoyaltyGrid that lets luxury brands use NFC tags embedded in product packaging to guarantee the authenticity of their products. Brands can also deliver rewards, discounts, exclusive content, invitations to special events and other incentives directly to their customers.The company is working with PowerCoat, a subsidiary of Arjowiggins, that specializes in substrates for printed electronics. The NFC chip is very flexible and it can be applied on different packaging and any kind of paper. Any smartphone with NFC reading capability can, by just tapping or scanning the NFC chips, get direct access to the content even without an app. LoyaltyGrid recognizes the pack through its unique ID and then it remembers the location of the pack itself and then asks the customer to rescan the pack once it is purchased. This way, they can tell where the pack was purchased and can unlock rewards based on the parameters the brand has predefined. LoyaltyGrid can also verify an item and instantly tell if it’s authentic or not. Brands can also get information about where products are purchased, by whom and how often, and can connect to customers directly, trace their own products and make sure their products are sold in the right environment.

SGD Glass exhibited tactile and sexy looking products, which give a subliminal sense of luxury.

As a designer, there is a moment when you have to turn your design over to the packaging company and pray…Will they select the right partners to see your design through to its fruition? I believe its important for me, as a designer, to recommend the suppliers I believe can best achieve my design concept. Speaking the designers’ language is important.

Suppliers must show passion in creating exciting new things, even if its challenging. Sales have been flat because so many flankers have been produced with no new packaging designs. Consumers want something that is more interesting and innovative. Suppliers must work with the designer to give the consumer what they desire.

We are seeing a desire for luxury in every level of distribution. Packaging creates this impression immediately; the Luxe Pack Monaco Show this year featured innovative ideas for designers and marketers to raise the bar for luxury.

Luxe Pack Essentials – Report 2014

Marc Rosen – International Designer, CEO of Marc Rosen Associates and
Marc Rosen

Geraldine Bouchot – Prospective Studies Manager at Carlin
International – FR
Daniela Walker – Journalist at LS :N Global – UK

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Reality Packaging – Beauty Packaging Magazine

Today’s consumers are demanding much more than glamour from their favorite fragrance packages…

Click here to read Marc’s article

Fragrances Tell a Vintage Story – Beauty Packaging Magazine

By Marie Redding

Click here to read article

Beauty Packaging Magazine – Panel Experts

Discuss eCommerce at Luxepack New York

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Live at Luxe Pack New York with Jamie Matusow of Beauty Packaging Magazine

June 10, 2014

Live at Luxe Pack NY: Marc Rosen and Jamie Matusow visit HLP Packaging
Pat McGee of HLP, the largest producers of plastic boxes in the world, reveals the company’s new “plant box.”

Live at Luxe Pack NY: Marc Rosen and Jamie Matusow visit SGD Packaging
Sheherazade Chamlou of SGD talks about the trend in multi-sensory packaging, and how SGD is pushing decoration techniques in this area.

Live at Luxe Pack NY: Marc Rosen and Jamie Matusow visit DISC
Tactile packaging sends a powerful message in beauty.

Live at Luxe Pack NY: Marc Rosen and Jamie Matusow visit Pochet/Qualipac
Eric Vanin of Qualipac offers some examples of elegant packaging, with well-executed details and tactile effects that exude quality.

Click here to view video on June 10, 2014

How I Got to the Top : Marc Rosen, fragrance packaging designer

by Simon Pittman, Cosmetic Design

Click here to read article


Moderated by Marc Rosen

Marc Rosen


Designing the Payoff into the Packaging

With online sales accounting for such a large percentage of beauty dollars, Marketers are more reliant on impactful packaging than ever. It must be more than a silent salesman to stimulate consumers into purchasing. “Packaging the Promise” is essential to excite and invite clients into the brand.

According to, 85% of personal care brands have a presence on Facebook, 59% Twitter and 48% on YouTube as of September, 2013. These figures are merely reflective of the three most popular social media outlets, and don’t include the most obvious place a customer would find brand or product information – namely its own website or homepage.

These are incredible statistics, particularly when you think of how different the beauty market was only 10 years ago. What this means is that not only do Marketers need to think differently about how to attract attention, but so do Designers.

Color, shape, graphics and how they can potentially create excitement online – these are but a few levers designers can pull to drive impact with customers, but we must approach our creative problem solving with a broader eye than years previous. It’s not just about how something looks on shelf, any more.

Be it fragrance, make-up or skincare, the promise of; performance, efficacy, fantasy or aspiration must be implicit with the initial reaction to the packaging. Beautiful and impactful packaging will always be paramount but today online consumers must depend on their visceral reaction and subliminal feelings to hit purchase on the screen.

Designers must create exciting packaging and visual touchstones that will make the consumer who is ‘just shopping’ browse no more, for they have found the fragrance bottle that speaks to them. For the consumer sure that they are going online for a repeat purchase, a package the reels them in and create a reason to purchase is a marketers dream.

Melissa Montfort, Marc Rosen, Jeanette Liang, Mary Manning, Karen Young

Cosmetic World….. “Art of Packaging Awards”

Elizabeth Musmanno of The Fragrnace Foundation and Jerry Vittoria

E. Mussmano Pres FF Jerry Vittoria Pres. Firmenich frag

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Cosmetic World May 30, 2014

Pratt’s Packaging Scholarship Celebrates 25 Years

Marc Cheryl Dr Shute

May 6 marks the silver anniversary of the Art of Packaging Awards Gala, which benefits the ‘Marc Rosen Scholarship for Graduate Package Design’ at Pratt Institute. Here, Marc Rosen reminisces about the years since 1989, and the glamour that once surrounded the industry.

Written by Marc Rosen

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GCI Magazine at the Pratt Package Design Awards Gala

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The Art of Packaging – Jedell’s Hampton Sheet

Marc Rosen an award winning designer, Pratt alumnus, Trustee Emeritus, and faculty member, was presented with a special citation from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo that celebrated Rosen’s 25 years of supporting emerging package designers.

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Pratt Institute Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Marc Rosen Schlorship Honoring Mary Kay

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Package Design Magazine – Pratt Scholarship Gala

Marc Rosen with the scholarship winners:
Chen Chen Hu, Jessica Vande Werken, Ivy Chen and Tonya Oberlender

Winers with Awards
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New York Social Diary

Covers 25th Anniversary of the Marc Rosen Scholarship Awards Gala

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Beauty Packaging Magazine

Pratt Scholarship Gala

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Hollywood on the Hudson, by Bill Carey

Marc, Arlene and Maximillian - Tree Top

Click the link below, take the virtual tour and read the interview with Arlene Dahl Rosen and Marc Rosen at their Camelot in “Hollywood on the Hudson”. i=LIFESTYLE08&Lopenr=312130005&Ref=AR

Beauty Fashion – November 2013

Click Below to Review Beauty Fashion’s November 2013 issue.
Click to page 10 to read Marc’s Impressions

Marc Rosen: From Designer to Brand : Beauty Packaging Magazine

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From Designer to Brand



An Interview with LaRepublica Sorteara Magazine, Lima, Peru. Editor Renta Arana Conde

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LaRepublica Sorteara 9 11 2013

RAC: Your forte is Industrial Design?

MR: Yes, but I am more dedicated to package designing, that includes marketing, industrial and graphic design.

RAC: What is more important? The shape or the contents.

MR: Both, because the shape must be the manifestation of its content. In my case, for perfume, cosmetics and skin care.

RAC: It is very curious as to the emphasis you put into the visual when it is the product that is meant to stimulate senses, as in the essence of the fragrance.

MR: My theory is that the consumer will identify with the design, just as a women purchases jewelry or other accessories.

RAC: How much impact do you place on this?

MR: A lot of it depends on the company. Usually, companies engage me because of my expertise and knowledge, companies often request that I am very involved in their consumer target studies.

RAC: Beyond this who inspires you?

MR: Constantly, I am always look at things from a design point of view. If I am walking down the street and I see a building that catches my attention, I think, this can be a good bottle shape. At the same time I review the brief the company provides, the marketing study and the competitors designs.

MR: “What you seek, between the consumer and the product is “Love at First Sight”. That is the objective, that the consumer grasps a subliminal message, that when looking at the design it says, “I want you to touch me”.”

RAC: Subliminal? Can you give me an example?

MR: Let me show you this design (Shanghai). You can see the roundness of the bottle is voluptuous. It looks heavy, you want to touch it because it has femininity in it’s shape. The next photo is the KL bottle that I created for Karl Lagerfeld.

RAC: What does it represent?

MR: A fan, because Karl Lagerfeld uses a fan, his personal trademark…..look at this (Christina Aguilera “Insire”), it is also rounded in its shape.

RAC: But it is much more slender…

MR: Yes, but it keeps the femininity.

RAC: Another important esthetic relationship: the weight and the quality.

MR: When you pick up a bottle, you have expectations of weight which connotes quality. If you have a positive perception of the packaging, you will expect that the contents are fine quality. Another subliminal message.

RAC: Your first job was at Revlon?

MR: Charles Revson (the founder) was a difficult personality, he taught me an important mantra; the Three P’s, if you have the right Package, Promotion and Product you will have success. I have been applying this philosophy throughout my entire career.

RAC: You also had a prestigious role at Elizabeth Arden and you created the packaging for “Red Door” perfume.

MR: I was 29 years old when I starting working at Elizabeth Arden. I was there for 13 years and I redesigned all the packaging for their cosmetic, skin care and fragrance lines, I gave it a fresh look and people no longer associated the line as their grandmothers.

RAC: That was Not easy?

MR: To be honest, it was teamwork and the company was not as large as they are today, it was easy to make changes….and when I designed RED DOOR for Elizabeth Arden she was as famous as her Red Door Salons, the perfume would become a part of the women who visit the salon, not the man that who would buy the fragrance as a gift……

RAC: A shout of feminine independence!

MR: Exactly….

RAC: And then you meet Grace Kelly?

MR: My wife, Arlene Dahl a famous Hollywood actress was her friend. Already the Princess, she invited us to Monaco, where I noticed one could only purchase a white plate with the an image of the Royal Couple as memorabilia, it was then that I suggested to Princess Grace a porcelain collection inspired by Monaco.

RAC: What did the Princess say?

MR: She was very excited and loved the idea, we worked on the project for over a year, unfortunately it was never completed, as Princess Grace was killed in a automobile accident.

RAC: Why didn’t you continue the project?

MR: Because I needed Prince Rainier’s approval, he was not interested. It was a shame….Grace Kelly was wonderful, beautiful and it was lovely to meet her.

RAC: You have been married for 29 years to a woman who is 18 years older than you….?

MR: Looking back on that… we got married when such an age difference was very unusual, everyone said it would not work. Everyone was wrong!

RAC: The secret?

MR: See every day as an adventure! We are both creative, a designer and an actress, we have a very exciting life. It’s a very interesting relationship because through Arlene I met all the Hollywood celebrities and through me, she met a lot of fashion designers.

RAC: Mrs. Arlene is Lorenzo Llamas’ mother?

MR: Yes, he is my stepson.

RAC: How is he?

MR: We talked just before my arrival in Lima. He is very well living and working in California….We are very close.

Marc Rosen – Caretas – Ellos&Ellas Magazine


The famous perfume bottle designer, Marc Rosen, was in Lima, Peru and shared some of his secrets with us.

“The bottle is a silent seller”, say North American designer, Marc Rosen, one of the most important and influential designers in the world of perfume bottle design.

The bottle must talk to you, and you should want to touch, open, perceive the essence of its scent and buy it.

“It must feel good in your hand” says Marc, who had designed for brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Revlon, and Elizabeth Arden to name a few.

Rosen’s work stands out not just because his fine finishing touches, but also because there is a strong message behind each bottle.

El Arte De Atrapar Esencias

Click below to read article in Spanish and view photos

Plastic Magazine : El Aroma comienza con el material de la bottella, an interview with Marc Rosen, by Sofia Gomez Rivera

Mexico City, Mexico

Click below to read interview

Plastic Magazine Mexico 9 2013

FORMES de luxe – Le Magazine de l’emballage des produits de luxe

MARC Rosen : un ordinateur cerebral

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Marc Rosen Portrait of a Designer – FDL


Portrait of a Designer

The Luxury Evolution – Thinking Out Loud, by Marc Rosen

Luxury Impression……
The cosmetic industry is driven by its ability to provide luxury goods more than any other. Focus on value, design and quality – a luxury that consumers need.

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Thinking Out Loud

Luxe Pack Monaco 2013 – Marc Rosen will give his Design Insight, Grimaldi Forum


Marc Rosen is famous for his award winning fragrance, cosmetic and fashion packaging…..

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Beauty Packaging Magazine – “That’s Entertainment” – by Marc Rosen

Packaging for celebrity fragrances brings the excitement of concert performances to store counters and online purchasing sites.

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Marc Rosen…Up Close & Personal – Fragance Forum

Marc Rosen

“Excellence of design is founded in history and experiences”, says Marc Rosen

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Cosmetic World Feature

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Cosmetic World feature_5-13-13

Veronique Gabai-Pinsky Honored at Pratt Dinner for Marc Rosen Fund, by Pete Born Women’s Wear Daily

Luxe Pack Monaco : 2013

Trends are at the heart of LUXE PACK MONACO 2013:

Marc Rosen’s Vision

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Luxe Pack Monaco 2013

Luxe Pack Monaco 2012 – Cosmetic World

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Cosmetic World-Luxe Pack Monaco 2012

Luxe Pack, Monaco Breaks another Attendance Record – Spray January 2013

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Spray-January 2013

Women’s Wear Daily – Curb Appeal Discussed at Luxe Pack, Monaco